Jovan Campbell or better known to his fans as Jibbs is an American rapper from St. Louis, Missouri . Jibbs started his career around his brother. His brother, DJ Beatz was part of the production team, Da Beatstaz. Jibbs wrote a rap song for his brother His brother began taking him to the studio with him and Jibbs started to become very well known in St. Louis. Jibbs demo started finding its way around and music producers where surrounding him, he then started opening up for acts like Bow Wow and Chris Brown. Jibbs later found a record deal with IGA's Geffen Records.

Jibbs released his debut album in late 2006 entitled " Jibbs feat. Jibbs". His album reached number 11 on the Billboard Charts. His first single made a mark for Jibbs and made his fan base grow even bigger. "Chain Hang Low" was his first single and it reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. His second single called "King Kong" featuring Chamillionaire was released and made it to 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. Jibbs released a third single from his album called "Go to Far" featuring Melody Thornton. His song, "Chain Hang Low" was the most downloaded iTune for rap songs.

Besides his love for rapping, Jibbs also has played a big part for boxing. So much so, that he is a two-time Golden Glove Champion. However, since Jibb's heart was for rapping, he stayed on course to become a rapper, however, he will always love boxing no matter what happens with his career.

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