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Blake Shelton was born June 18, 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma. He is a traditional artist who only wants to be known for his songs, not the type of songs. Going off and playing local bars and honky tonks brought him to be a regular on a local country music show. When he turned 17, he met Mae Boren Axton who wrote the hit song Heartbreak Hotel. Mae went back to Oklahoma for a tribute show honoring her where Blake Shelton was part of the lineup. She loved him and told him to head to Nashville. Two weeks out of high school, he did just that.

He signed with Warner Brother's record and his first single, "Austin" reached the top of the billboard charts. He then went on to release a set of Videos titled, "Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill: Video Collection". Then he released the CD of the same title. He promoted the CD by touring with Rascal Flat's Here's To You Tour.

Blake had appeared in the TV movie, "The Christmas Blessing" in 2005 and then in a cameo in "Redneck Yacht Club" standing in a boat, fishing, and Craig rides by on a jet ski and splashes him with a wave.

Now, the release of his new album "Pure BS" in March of 2007 was produced by Bobby Braddock, Brent Rowan, and Paul Worley. Blake's manager is now Narvel Blackstock, Reba McEntire's husband.

Blake and his wife Kaynette divorced in 2006 and it is rumored he is dating now Miranda Lambert. He has now on with Nashville Star to be a judge for the well known singing competition.

His newest album, "Pure BS" has been a soul searching production of songs that has tested his range to a whole new level, which has pushed him harder than ever before. In three of the tracks, it shows off his writing skills, which will impress many of you. Blake believes because he was pushed so hard and he stepped out away from his comfortable songs that this has become the best album he has ever made.

He is even got a new look for his new found inspiration; he shed his long locks for a short style. He feels good about everything in his life now and feels this is the right time for this new look.

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