Terms of Service

1) Introduction:

XtreemConneX.com will strictly enforce this TERMS OF SERVICE Agreement to provide a safer service to its members. XtreemConneX.com expects it's members to follow this TERMS OF SERVICE and will not be held responsible for user created/generated information, including but not limited to messages, comments, photos, videos, chat rooms and groups; this is strictly the authors opinion and in no way reflects the views of XtreemConneX.com, although XtreemConneX.com will do its best to try to prevent infringing information from being located within our services we can not guarantee it wont be found. XtreemConneX.com is not responsible for content embedded within it's service from other websites.

2) General Rules/Guidelines:

XtreemConneX is not to be used for the following activities:

Impersonating staff members, XtreemConneX official chat room/groups and/or another user.
Sending unsolicited messages also known as spam.
Any flooding what so ever, including but not limited to multiple messages within seconds, is a threat to our services and will not be allowed.
Harassment, abuse, stalking and threatening users and staff members. Treat everyone within our service with respect.
Commercial purposes unless authorized by XtreemConneX.com management.
* XtreemConneX.com reserves the right to remove content or users from its services that express ideals of racism, bigotry, violence, sexuality and obscenity.
* XtreemConneX.com does not allow content or behaviors relating to any illegal activities under international laws. You cannot use our communication services as means of distributing, posting or publishing any unlawful material, this includes but is not limited to child pornography, piracy, bestiality, incest, harassment and illegal access to another's computer (hacking).
* XtreemConneX.com can not be used for advertising external websites that violate this TERMS OF USE unless authorized by a XtreemConneX.com management.
* It is against this Terms of Service to upload any patented or copyrighted material. XtreemConneX will not be held responsible for this content, the user will be held responsible; XtreemConneX.com also reserves he right to remove such content without notice; we cannot ensure the safety of user's computer while such material is downloaded or used.
* Do not post or promote materials (documents, software etc.) that may be used to cause harm on another computer, or alter their overall experience in our communication services.
* You are required to uphold all laws that pertain to your local, and nation.

3) Your Responsibility's

* The creators of specific communication services should be responsible with regards to their member's behavior, and remove any inappropriate content & users who constantly violate this TERMS OF SERVICE.
* You're responsible for any actions you make based on another's decision. Remembering that it is possible hearsay and that may be false, as people often are not who they say they are online.
* You use scripts, bots and other third party clients at your own risk; we cannot guarantee the safety, nor integrity of your computer while such programs are in use.

4) Guard yourself:

* We strongly advise against providing other users with personally identifiable information, which could be used against you, your property or your family.
* We strongly advise you install a good anti-virus program and firewall, and backup your files regularly. XtreemConneX.com does not backup files found in user created communication services.

5) Age restrictions:

XtreemConneX.com is intended for users 18 years of age and older, XtreemConneX.com makes every effort to ensure users under the age of 18 are not present within it's services, but cannot hold any liability; parents or guardians are responsible for their children's actions. XtreemConneX.com reserves the right to change the ratings at will and without any notice. Adult sections within XtreemConneX.com may not contain pornography.

6) Conclusion:

Thank you for taking the time to read and get to know the XtreemConneX.com Terms of Service. If you do not agree with our Terms of Service we kindly ask you to not use our services. By continuing to use our services you are agreeing with this Terms Of Service. XtreemConneX.com reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time without notice; we suggest you periodically check this Terms of Services while using our services. XtreemConneX.com holds the right to delete any content found to be a violation of this TERMS OF SERVICE without any notice. XtreemConneX.com also reserves the right to terminate any users access from our services without any notice for whatever reason.