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Eric Church is a country singer and songwriter. He wrote all the songs on his debut album. He has even stated that he would prefer to be a songwriter instead of a singer. Eric Church grew up in Granite Falls, North Carolina and attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina where he graduated with a degree in marketing. When Eric was younger he played it all such as basketball and baseball, but after graduating from college, he turned his head towards music. He found that in his heart what he wanted to do with his life was to sing and write music.

When Eric Church was younger he started writing music at the age of 13. He received a guitar and self taught himself how to play. At his young age he would sing on the table at the diner to the waitress and the crowd of on lookers who would give him money for his performance.

When Eric Church was in his junior year he joined a band called "Snow" along with his brother. They found gigs everywhere and started be known as the "Mountain Boys". They normally had to play four-hour gigs and in the beginning had to wing it through part of the show, since they didn't know enough songs for four hour sets. Eric Church started writing his own material and then started selling his material on CD's.

Eric moved to Nashville and in about a year there he signed with Capital Nashville where he had Jay Joyce producing his debut album "Sinner's Like Me". His first single off the album was "How Bout You" which went to number 14 on the country charts. He then released another single called "Two Pink Lines" and that single went to number 20 on the country charts. His third single from the album was "Guys like Me" and that went to number 27 on the country charts. Eric hasn't done too bad for himself with his first album and you can be sure there will be more to come from Eric in the years to come. Eric will be touring this summer in 2007 so make sure to catch him on tour.

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