Ciara was born in Austin, Texas. She moved to various states along with her family and lived on several military bases, since her father Carlton was in the United States Army. Her and her family finally settled in Atlanta. When Ciara was younger, she knew she wanted to sing. She joined a girl group in high school called Hearsay. The group was not together for very long. After parting with the group, she started doing her own song writing and soon she signed with LaFace Records.

Ciara came out with her first debut album entitled "Goodies". Ciara had big success with her album. She released singles off the album including "Goodies", "1, 2 Step" featuring Missy Elliot, and "Oh" featuring Ludacris. All these singles were all hits on billboards charts. Ciara released her fourth single called "And I" which did poorly on the charts. During the big success of her album "Goodies", Ciara was also joining other artist on their songs as well. She sang with Missy Elliot on her song "Loose Control" and with Bow Wow on his song "With You".

In 2005, Ciara toured with Gwen Stefani on her tour and then went to tour with Bow Wow and Chris Brown for the Holladay Jam tour. After the tour, Ciara went to work on her second album " The Evolution of C". She released her first single "Promise" which did great on the charts. She did a club tour to promote her album. Her second single "Like A Boy" will be released in February 2007 which will of course hit the charts.

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