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Sum 41 is a Canadian Rock band. The group is made up of Deryck Whibley, Cone McCaslin, and Steve Jocz. The group comes from Ajax, Ontario in Canada. The group got their name because the group was formed on the 41st first day of summer. Therefore, that is how you get the groups name Sum 41.

In 2000, Sum 41 released their album "Half Hour of Power" that they had been working on since 1996 when they first created their band. The three singles from the album were "Makes No Difference", "Second Chance for Max Headroom", and "Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About". The album itself went platinum.

They released their second album "No Killer No Filler" in 2001. Their first single "Fat Lip" went to number 1 on the Modern Rock Chart, but only went to number 66 on the Billboard 100 chart. Their second single "In Too Deep" went to number 10 on the Modern Rock Chart. For the third single "Motivation" only went to number 24 on the Modern Rock Chart and one time Platinum in Canada and Platinum in the US.

Sum 41 went on to release their third album "Does This Look Infected" in 2002. One of the singles is "The Hell Song". This song was written for a friend of one of the band members that was diagnosed with HIV. Another single from the album was "Still Waiting", which was about the war in Afghanistan.

In 2004, Sum 41 released another album entitled "Chuck". The first single from the album was "Were All to Blame". The second single was "Pieces" that was released at the beginning of 2005. The other two singles from the album were "Someday" and "No Reason."

Now in 2007, Sum 41 has released their fifth album entitled "Underclass Hero". The very first single to be released off this album is "Underclass Hero". Two other songs have been released and leaked onto the internet entitled "March of Dogs" and "Walking Disaster."

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