TobyMac was born Kevin Michael McKeehan on October 22, 1964 in Fairfax, Virginia. He grew up in the Washington D.C. area where he met fellow friends Kevin Max and Michael Tait while attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. They formed a band and named it “DC Talk”. In 1990, they released an album titled “Jesus Freak” which sold over two million copies and went double platinum.

Their next album, “Intermission: The Greatest hits” was released in 2000. The members started to pursue their own careers assuring fans they were not breaking up. This was going to be a small break all the members needed. However, there are rumors that the group will not be getting back together. The friends have gone their separate ways now.

Toby McKeehan began his solo career with a much different sound that of the DC Talk style. He has leaned more towards the urban and hip-hop sounds. He recorded “Extremem days” for the movie “Extreme Days” which debuted in 2001 on his album “Momentum”. He has since released “Welcome to the Diverse City”-2004, “Portable Sounds”-2007, and the deluxe edition of “Portable Sounds”. The first two have already made it to gold. He has received five Dove Awards. He has already had six number one singles and two Grammy nominations under his belt since going solo.

TobyMac says he is not about the numbers and where his songs are. He is about his songs touching people’s lives. He wants God to go through his music to them when they listen to lyrics. He knows he has a long life of fulfillment and he will be breathing the life of God into everyone he sings for as long as he breathes and sings.

TobyMac is starting out on a thirty-city tour in September of 2007. This and writing songs is sure to keep him busy for a while. He cannot wait to meet the many fans who God has touched with his music.

When it comes to the charts, TobyMac seems to be there all the time with such singles as Extreme Days which hit #1, Yours which hit #2, What’s Going Down which hit #6, Gone went to #6, The Slam went to #3, Catchafire went to #2, New World went to #5, and Boomin’ went to #7.

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