The band Hellogoodbye is made up of four members including, Forrest Kline on vocals and guitar, Jesse Kurvink on the keyboard, Marcus Cole on bass, Chris Profeta on the drums. Their former band member Aaron Flora used to play the drums. Aaron Flora left the band in March of 2004. They originate from Huntington Beach, California. This band is one band that's very close to their fans. They gained success when they made an appearance on MTV's The Real World: Austin. They also gained a lot more success with their fans when they were seen on MTV2's Dew Circuit Breakout . Hellogoodbye's music is more of a rock, power pop, and synthpop.

Hellogoodbye's latest album, " Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!" is now topping charts all over America. This album followed after the release of the EP "Hellogoodbye" and the DVD "OMG HGB DVD ROTFL". Hellogoodbye released a remix CD called "Remixes" that is only available through their official site at: www.hellogoodbye.net or to order your copy of this album. You can also get all their updates on tours, new releases, TV show appearances, pictures, and many other downloads.

Hellogoodbye's single "Here (In Your Arms)" made the top billboard 100 chart peaking in at #32 and the Pop100 peaking in at #25. For a song that was just recently released, it has come in pretty high on both charts. You can bet that hellogoodbye will be making a big scene in the music as the year goes on. Hellogoodbye will be making more music, videos and touring. Make sure to keep checking back at their sites to catch all the latest news on their tour dates and when you can go see them while their on tour.

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