Two singers from Atlanta Georgia, Jennifer Nettles, and Kristian Bush make up the country music duo group Sugarland. Kristen Hall was a member of the group from 2003 until early 2006. Kristen founded the group and named it Sugarland. All three of the members played frequently at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, which Jennifer's husband owned. Since becoming Sugarland their popularity has soared faster than any of their solo careers.

Their first album, "Twice the Speed of Life" has sold over two million copies and has gone two times platinum. Sugarland has performed with many famous bands including Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley, and Brooks and Dunn. They also received best new artist Grammy and performed "Something More" at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2006. They performed at the 2006 MTV music awards and received multiple nominations including group/duo video of the year; break through video of the year, as well as Collaborative video of the year.

November 7, 2006 Sugarland released "Enjoy the Ride". The album sold over 200,000 during its first week. "Want To" was picked as the leadoff single and became the group's first number one. "Settlin" is their second single off the album and is currently being played everywhere. On April 16, Sugarland performed the song "Stay" at the 2007 country music awards.

Kristian Bush said when he heard fans singing along to their music he would give them a guitar pick, now he says, "I don't have near enough picks!" they love their fans so much they have bought extra picks just to hand out! Therefore, if you are at a concert be sure to grab one!

In the last year their album, "Twice the Speed of Light" went double platinum and they have won numerous awards. Talk about becoming famous fast, especially when a year ago they were practically unknown. This year's country music awards they were nominated for five awards and they took home one for the top New Duo/Vocal Group.

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