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Papa Roach is a band made up of four members Jacob Shaddix (Vocals and Lyrics), Jerry Horton (Guitar), Tobin Esperance (Bass), and David Buckner (Drums). Papa Roach is an alternative rock band from California. The band started back in 1993. They released four self-released albums between 1994 and 1998. The albums that were self-released were "Potatoes for Christmas", "Caca Bonita", Old Friends from Young Years", and "5 Tracks Deep".

In 1999, they released their album "Let Em Know" under Warner Brothers Records. This album only had five tracks on the album. This was their last EP to be released. After this album, the band signed with Dream Works Records.

In the year of 2000, the band Papa Roach hit it big. They released their album "Infest" and it later went 3 times platinum. The album went to number 5 in the US and went to number 9 in the UK. The first single from the album was the hit song "Last Resort". The second single from the album was "Broken Home", which was another huge hit for the band. They went on and released the single and the last single of the album "Between Angels and Insects". This was the bands biggest selling album.

In 2002, the band released their second album on Dream Works Records called "lovehatetragedy". This album went gold and hit number 2 in the US and number 4 in the UK. The first single from the album was "She Loves Me Not". This was a good selling song for the album. The Last single to be released from the album was "Time and Time Again".

The band went on and signed with the label Geffon Records. They released their first album with the label called "Getting Away with Murder" in 2004. The first single from the album was "Getting Away with Murder". Their big selling single from the album was their hit song "Scars". That was the second single released. The final single from the album was "Take Me".

In 2006, the group's latest album "The Paramour Sessions" was released. The first single was "To Be Loved". The second single from the album was "Forever". The first single was also the theme song for WWE.

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