Hinder has become famous for their hit song "Lips of an Angel". This song made it to the number 1 spot and stayed there for many weeks in a row on the top 40 countdown. It is still a big hit around the world, as of today. Their band is made up of the members Austin Winkler, Joe "Blower" Garvey, Mike Rodden, Mark King, and Cody Hanson. They have released many other songs, but their well known more for "Lips of an Angel". They have toured with many other bands such as Theroy of a Deadman and with Three Days Grace. They have opened up for the well known band Godsmack and have also toured with Nickleback, Shinedown, and Stained. Their album "Extreme Behavior" has gone 2 times platinum even though many were saying that the album wasn't going to be good enough to stand the distance.

Hinder first started when they were signed with an independent label and released their first album "Far From Close" which only sold 5,000 copies, however, it made it to the ears of the record company, Universal Records. That's when the album "Extreme Behavior" was born and released. The album sold almost 2 million records and Hinder has had sold out tickets for almost all their shows. The song "Lips of an Angel" is one of the most popular ringtones available today and almost everyone has it on their cellphone. Their next single to be released is "Better Than Me" and I'm sure we will hear more from Hinder in 2007.

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