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David attended Baylor University a Christian University in Waco; Texas where he was surprised to learn over half of the students did not attend church. Therefore, this is why he created the band. He along with Chris Seay started attending University Baptist Church in 1996 while they were still in school. The congregation and the bands lineup grew ever since.

David started to write songs to incorporate into the services and then the church released a CD, “Pour Over Me”, and another in 1999, “All I Can Say”. When he first started to write it was always about things he was going through. Now, he just writes songs while driving in the car with his wife. He still writes his songs with his congregation in mind.

In 2004, they went on their first headlining tour. They were offered to go on tour the same year with Michael W. Smith and Mercy Me.

They signed on with Sparrow records and released six more albums, which are The Green CD-2002, Can You Hear Us-2002, The Yellow CD-2003, Illuminate-2003, The Lime CD-2004, Sunsets and Sushi-2005, A Collision-2005, B Collision-2006 and Remedy-2007.

In 2006, they received a Dove Award at the 37th Annual Gospel Music awards for Rock Contemporary Album of the Year, recorded Song of the Year and Special Event of the Year. In 2007, they received another Dove Award for their participation in Special Event Album of the Year-passion: Everything Glorious.

The David Crowder Band is considered a 6-piece electronic rock and Worship band. Band members include David Crowder – vocals, acoustic guitar, programming, keytar, and guitar hero controller, Jack Parker – electric guitar, Rhodes piano and banjo, Mike Dodson - bass guitar, programming and keys, Jeremy Bush, aka "B-wack" - drums, percussion, circuit bending and programming, Mike Hogan - violin, vinyl dj and programming, Brenton Barry - electric guitar, and Mark Waldrop - electric guitar. Former members include Jason Solley and Taylor Johnson.

Official releases include Pour Over Me, All I Can Say in 1999, The Green CD in 2002, Can You Hear Us? in 2002, The Yellow CD in 2003, Illuminate in 2003, The Lime CD in 2004, Sunsets & Sushi in 2005, A Collision in 2005, B Collision in 2006, and Remedy to be released on September 25, 2007.

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