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If you like listening to the sounds of Indie/Hip Hop then you should check out the newest group to hit the scene. With their song Cupid's Chokehold they will be sure to stick around for a while. Catchy lyrics are not easy to produce but with this song you will be dancing around the room listening with your MP3 players. There are several new artists out there but nothing like the Gym Class Heroes.

They are very talented and are a force to be reckoned with, they are very talented and have great music skills. Although it may be a little slow paced song, they will be sure to hit you with something special real soon. Indie type music has hit the scene dramatically and has brought a new crowd to the music scene. It may be a little EMO but who knows, you will be listening to it with your MP3 player in no time.

Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes is taking the charts by storm. This is one of the hottest new songs and will stay at the top of the charts for some time. It is playing in virtually every radio station. They are marking their territory and telling everyone how special they will be. You want to be sure that you catch their music because if you don't then you will be missing out on of the hottest artists to hit the scene.

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