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Gwen Renée Stefani is one of today's most popular singers. Gwen has done everything such as singing, song writing, fashion designing and on occasion done some acting. Gwen came around in 1992 as the lead singer of the popular group "No Doubt". Their first album as a group "Tragic Kingdom" sold over fifteen million copies worldwide. This album produced such hits as "Just a Girl", "Spider Webs" and the ever so popular song "Don't Speak" which got high plays on the radio.

Gwen Stefani went solo in 2004 with her album "Love. Angel. Music. Baby". This was an album mixed with a little bit of everything from hip-hop to R&B and Pop to Dance tracks. This album featured the hits of "Holler Back Girl", "Rich Girl" featuring Eve and the hit song "Cool". Gwen was featured on Eve's hit song "Let Me Blow Your Mind". Gwen's album sold millions of copies and proved she could be a solo artist.

Gwen released her second solo album entitled "The Sweet Escape", which was released in 2006-2007. Her fist single on the album called "Wind It Up" did alright on the charts, but her second single "The Sweet Escape" which featured Akon made it big on the charts and radio play. Gwen wanted to mainly focus on having heavier dance songs which are meant for the clubs. Her second solo album has sold over a million copies.

Gwen Stefani has a fashion line called L.A.M.B. She started this line due to the fact she is a high fashion trend setter and her line includes clothes like jeans, shirts, and other clothing she is found wearing in her videos and such. In 2005, she expanded her line with Harajuku Lovers line which includes things as camera, cell phone charms, and undergarments.

The only acting that Gwen has done is she had a small role in the movie "The Aviator" where she played Jean Harlow. She only had a few lines and it only took her a couple of days to film her part for the movie.

Gwen has set a place in the music industry and is still going strong and for sure will be for many years to come as well.

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