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Jon Bon Jovi is a hard rock band that was started by Jon Bon Jovi in New Jersey. He started playing when he was thirteen and had the same dreams as many of the rock star "wanna be's" did, to become famous. His parents had him attending an all boy's Catholic school and after months of pleading with them, he finally got his way and was allowed to attend public school. He attended Sayreville War memorial High School and that is where he met David Bryan. He had the same dream as Jon and they formed a band and started playing at the area clubs.

They did not make a lot of money in the beginning so they had to find jobs and the first one Jon found was working in a shoe store. The second one was at Power Station records where his cousin was co-owner. Jon made several demos and sent them out to some record companies but never impressed anyone of them.

Then in 1983, he visited the local radio station WAPP 103.5FM known as The Apple and spoke to the DJ Chip Hobart. Chip Hobart wanted to include Jon's song "runaway" on a album of other local talents. Jon agreed with much reluctance. The song started to get air play on all the radio stations and soon all the major record executives who passed on him before were running all over each other to find out who this new talent was. Now, Jon had to form a band because at the time, he did not have one. Jon called a long time friend, David Bryan and he called a few of his friends, bassist Alec John Such and drummer Tico Torres. Jon talked to his neighbor Dave Sabo to get his as his lead guitarist. One night after one of their shows, Richie Sambora talked to Jon backstage and told him he should be their guitarist. Jon told him to learn the material and to come back for their rehearsal. He wanted the job so bad he showed up early and knew the material as if he had been playing it forever and this was very impressive to Jon Jovi. That was the key; he was hired on the spot. This is where the dynamic duo of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora was born. This band was together for over a decade.

Once Jon had his band, the record company's started calling him. Derek Shulman of Mercury Records signed them. Jon wanted a group name and the producer decided with Bon Jovi. The band went on to make millions and millions of records and are still up on their game as of their latest release of "The Lost Highway", which came out in June of 2007 and this one became their first number one on the Billboard 200 since 1988 and has already sold over 292,000 in the United States!

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