Cascada (Natalie Horler) was born in Bonn, Germany on September 23, 1981. Even though her family was living in Germany she explains that she is really from English descent. Her mother, Christine, was a foreign language teacher and her father, David was a Jazz musician in the band WDR in Cologne. She was raised along side two sisters. Her language talents of course were derived from her mother, but she tells everyone her love of music is from her father.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact time that Cascada began singing as she often recorded songs in her father’s studio such as Disney songs and of course jazz.

By the age of 18, Cascada was involved in studio work where she would enjoy recording a few tracks for various DJ’s. This is how she met Manuel Reuter and Yann and created a couple of songs that did tremendously well.

In March of 2004, Cascada released her first single in Germany, “Miracle”. This single achieved gaining the attention of Robbins Entertainment. In November of this same year, a maxi-single of “Miracle” was released in the United States. She released three other singles in Germany which included “Bad Boy”, “Everytime We Touch”, and a cover of the 1992 Roxette song “How Do You Do!”

The complete album, “Everytime We Touch” included 14 unique cuts with all four singles as well.

Cascada has made a huge hit in America, Austria, Germany, and Ireland where she recently toured. USA Today on March 3, 2006 published a review stating, “you couldn't ask for a more insanely infectious concoction” and the New York Times on the day after gave their review, “a bright female voice, a hard and ruthless beat, a tune catchy enough to ruin your day…She is, in this country, a world-music singer, and a reminder that world music doesn't always sound like ‘world music’ Despite its cheerful tune and thumping beat — no, because of those things — ‘Everytime We Touch’ just might be the most exotic-sounding song in the Top 40.”

The album “Everytime We Touch” has held awesome positions such as #1 in Ireland, #2 in the UK, #10 in the Netherlands and Sweden, #11 in France, #14 in Norway, #31 in Austria, #33 in United World Charting, #48 in Switzerland, #50 in Germany, and #67 in the United States. The album has sold over 3,500,000 worldwide.

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