Despite their name, Sherwood is a California-based alternative Indie rock band who was formed in 2002 in San Luis Obispo by Dan Koch, Nate Henry, Chris Armstrong, and Chris Keene during their college years attending the local Cal Poly State University.

In their early stage, the band followed the steps of many other alternative rock bands seeking to get a record deal with independent records labels such as Sidecho Records.

In fact, it was under a division of this label, Militia Group, that Sherwood recorded their debut album "Sing, But Keep Going" and produced in Irvine, California by guitarists Michael Rosas and released in 2005.

Sherwood's debut album sold over 20,000 copies bringing more attention to the band, who went on tour shortly afterwards. However, Chris Armstrong left the band being replaced by Lucas Starr

Since their early days, the band's popularity relied on a light-dance rock style often compared to The Beach Boys. Sherwood achieved much success during the Warped Tour that sold-out nationwide gigs and grabbed the attention of many records labels after they released a free downloadable EP that was retrieved 30,000 times.

In early 2006, Sherwood was signed to MySpace Records increasing their fan database considerably along with international attention. The band continued with extensive tours during spring and summer and recorded a 5-songs EP before taking a break flying to Mexico.

During their stay in that country Sherwood wrote the songs for their second album "A Different Light", which also include the songs of the summer EP compiled in San Francisco by Lou Giordano.

The entire album was posted at MySpace for listening on March 1, 2007 and released to stores on March 13, selling around 4,000 copies in their first week. In early 2007, Sherwood also made changes to their lineup again with Dave Provenzano replacing Gabe Dutton.

Like many other bands, Sherwood has their own MySpace page and official website, but drummer Dan Koch setup a blog site during spring 2007 that is nowadays an important support site for charitable organizations from around the world, including TheHungerSite, blogging also about national issues that impact America.

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