Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lloyd Harlin Polite Junior was born January 3, 1986. Lloyd became a member of the preteen group called N-Toon who was discovered by Joyce Irby. After signing with DreamWorks records, they released two singles called, "Ready" and "You Should be My Girl". However, their debut album never went anywhere because they were not promoted by their own label. Because of the lack of enthusiasm from their label, the band broke up and Lloyd went solo.

He signed with MCA records and released his first single to be titled, "Young Girl." Trouble started again when MCA records merged with Geffen records and most of the artists were let go including him. He then took his demo and began a new contract with The Inc/Def Jam Records. He made a debut single doing a duet with Ashanti called, "South Side". This became a hit for the duet.

Lloyd has been doing different songs with various artists such as "Lil Wayne", Ja-Rule, Baby D, Mossberg, Young Argo, and Huey. Many of the collaborations have topped the charts in the upper 20. With the help of working with other artists on their music, it is helping Lloyd become noticed to new fans around the world while helping him grow his fan base. Lloyd has also done touring in the hopes of becoming more known in the R&B world.

He was like many of the other artists who love music, he could sing before he could walk. His love for music has driven him to become what he is today. Lloyd is not very well known, but his career is getting better with every day. Lloyd is a hard working rapper who is becoming even more famous with every single he releases. If Lloyd keeps making great hits his fans are sure to increase.

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