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Detroit, Michigan is the home of this American rock band. They were formed in 1997 by Jack White and Meg White. Many people thought they were brother and sister, but later it was revealed they were a divorced couple.

Their self-titled album was released in 1999 and then they released their second one in 2000 titled, “De Stijl”. White Blood Cells came out on their first major label. Q-Magazine said they were one of the 50 bands to see before you die. The single “Fell In Love with a Girl” brought them major attention.

The next album came out in 2003 named “Elephant”. This was their first UK Chart topping album and the United States first top 10 album for the group. In December of 2003, NME Magazine made it their Album of the Year. The single off the album “Seven Nation Army” was the most successful single for the band yet. This single won a Grammy for Best Rock Song as well.

They have also appeared in several films including “Coffee and Cigarettes” in 2003 and in 2004 they did a music film called Under “Blackpool Lights”.

“Get Behind Me Satan” was their fifth album, which was released June 7, 2005. They had three singles released from this album titled, “Blue orchid”, “My Doorbell”, and “The Denial Twist”, which was one of the songs they promoted on their weeklong appearance on Conan O’Brien.

The Whites Stripes really felt special when they received the chance to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He rarely has any bands on his show. After this appearance, he had to cancel the Japanese leg of their tour because he had strained his vocal cords and was ordered not to sing or talk for two weeks. They went back after his recovery and did the Big Day Out tour.

They have had several other memorable moments in their career including, their song, “Seven Nation Army” became the unofficial hymn for Italy’s national team during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Next, they appeared in an episode of the Simpson’s and then they were featured on NBC’s Studio 60 on Sunset Strip in September of 2006.

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