Mims is a rapper from New York trying to make it big. He never really knew his father and lost his mother at the age of 13 when his mother gave birth to his only sister and a few weeks later passed away from complications due to afterbirth. He decided he was going to put his future in his own hands and used everything he learned growing up and turned around to make his own music. He wanted to make his mother proud and do what she knew he did best in his life and that was to make music.

After a tough life growing up, Mims has finally gotten his chance at making it big. He started by playing in clubs and on the streets to now releasing his debut album titled "Music is my Savior". One of his singles "I did you Wrong" came out in 2003 and got a lot of air-play and landed him a chance to tour with Method Man. He started to grow a huge fan base on the tour. He put out his second latest single titled "This is Why I'm Hot" and it is hitting the charts like fire. Mims also has his own record label called American King Music, which is becoming a big success as well.

Mims is one of the hotest new artist today. I'm sure we will see lots from him in 2007 as more and more people notice him.

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