Lead singer Jason Wade and his friends Sergio Andrade and Joe Palmer formed the band Lifehouse. Collin Hayden and Aaron Lord were added to the group later on. They released a demo called, "Diff's Lucky Day" in 1999 under the band name Blyss. Originally, the demo was created to sell at concerts or give to their friends. They were surprised when they saw the demo was selling on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.

In 2000, they went into the recording studio to start on their first album. They redid twelve of the fifteen tracks and re-released it as "No Name Face". They released "Sick Cycle Carousel" as the first single however; it was "Hanging By A Moment" that gave them a place in music history. The song, "Everything" was used in the CW television series, "Smallville". The series made a soundtrack and had the song put on it as well. They had seven more songs played during the series four seasons ending with the live performance at the prom episode in the season finale.

Their second album, "Stanley Climbfall" did not do as well because it was in the shadows of their first album. Their third album, "Lifehouse" came out in 2005. The first single of the album has appeared on the Smallville soundtrack and also on Boston Legal. Their fourth album, "Who We Are" is set to be released 2007.

Many people want to know if they are a Christian band. The band says they are Christians but are not a Christian band, which allows their fan to interpret their music how they want. They have had many fans asking them and it is as if they wanted them to say they were so they would feel better about listening to their type of music. There music speaks for itself and does not have to be labeled as Christian to have a fans. You can find their music right along side other bands of all types and not necessarily in the Christian sector.

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