Amy Lee and Ben Moody, who met at a youth camp in 1994, founded Evanesance. Both loved writing songs and two of their songs were being played by the local radio. Then they did a few live performances and soon became the most popular in the area. They tried several names for their group and could not come up with just the right one until they came up with Evanesance, which means disappearance or fading away. They have been tagged a Goth band but Lee says they are not a Goth band they just like dressing in dark clothing. However, the Goth style still shows in their work and style. They are even labeled as a Goth-rock band.

Their first demo did not do as well as hoped and they asked fans to download some of their older songs to raise their awareness. In early 2003 they signed on their first huge label contract with Wind-up records. Then they started making their next album, Fallen. They were promoting the album when Nintendo offered them a spot on the Nintendo Fusion Tour, which they gladly accepted. The Nintendo Fusion Tour must have really helped because "Fallen" has spent 43 weeks on Billboard Top 10, went certified platinum, and sold over 14 million copies. The single, "Bring Me To life" became the official WWE No Way Out theme song while their single, "My Immortal" was a featured song on the Daredevil soundtrack. Fans have jumped on that and sales have skyrocketed.

They are now touring through Canada, the US, and Europe. After a four-year break, the launching of the Family Values Tour along with Korn in true gothic style will be held in the famous Hollywood Forever cemetery. They are going to spook the guests by having it extra late at 10 pm so they will still be there at midnight. Not sure how many will actually want to be in a cemetery, but if you are a die-hard fan you will be there for sure. Some of the celebrities buried there are Johnny Ramone, Valentino, Jayne Mansfield, Marion Davis, and Tyrone Power.

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