The Best Places To Get Drunk For Free

Going out and drinking can add up fast, and before you know it, you're broke. If you are a person that likes to have fun partying and drinking, I'm sure you would want to know where you can go to drink for free. Yes, I said free! Some of these will take a little skill to pull off, so get ready to play the part. No doubt you are up for the challenge.

Party time cb_college_party_070821_msjpg-jpeg-image-400x300-pixels_1248282941541

House parties are a great place to start your alcohol consumption. Whether you are invited or crashing a party, there almost always has to be alcohol there. You not only get to socialize and meet new people, but you also get to drink for free. Remember not to crowd the keg. No one likes a hog, and getting drunk alone will be the next consequence. Take advantage of the party atmosphere. Walk around and taste the various different brands that are in sight. Just know your limits. If the room starts spinning and the crowd's chants to chug get drowned out, it might be time to take a break.

Who's getting married? drunkbridegroomsmalljpg-jpeg-image-350x262-pixels_12482826319621

Marriage is a sacred union between two people in love. But it is also one of the greatest places to get your drink on. Can you say open bar? High end liquor, champagne and a bottomless keg lead most people to the reception early. Just remember to keep your head. No one wants the best man speech to go down in flames due to an untimely drop from the table.

Barbecue anyone? 3chickens1jpg-jpeg-image-393x291-pixels_1248282578867

As the weather warms up, the calls begin to come in about barbeques. Everyone wants to show off their incredible grill skills, but for us it's all about the booze. Luckily, no barbecue is complete without an abundance of beer and liquor. Costs are never an issue, although you might be encouraged to bring something like chips. So drop down the Ritz and grab up a brew. The drinking continues until the food runs out and the sun goes down, so use your time wisely.

Extreme wine tasting three-stoogesjpg-jpeg-image-640x469-pixels-scaled-96_1248282688099

Sure they tell you to spit out the wine after every taste. Yes, we could do that, but what a waste. Instead, break the rules and drink up. With plenty of different flavors and styles to choose from, there is no doubt you will enjoy this drinking incursion. Your input might not be the best of the group, but you will definitely be having the most fun. Just don't get grossed out by all the backwashed wine in the bucket and the night might just last forever, or at least until they kick you out.

For the Girls, Act Like a Slut! drunk_womenjpg-jpeg-image-450x401-pixels_1248282527333

Now for the female readers, you have probably already made a science out of getting free drinks. But let's lay it out for the newcomers. Getting free drinks is a subtle, yet simple process. Go out to a bar, any bar. Remember to dress up and look good. This is not a requirement, but it does make it easier. Next you can either target the bartender or other people sitting around. Spark up a conversation, or sit back and let the conversation come to you. By targeting the bartender and getting on a first name basis, you allow for free drinks on a longer time frame. You can come back again and again, and let your friendship pay for itself. Guys, you can also pull this off, you just have to target the right bartenders. If you are trying for the regular bar hopper, it really just comes down to letting them believe there is a common interest. If you feel bad about faking it, just choose someone you would have interest in. Make eye contact, let loose a smile, and watch what happens. With an opening apparent, most men will instinctively spark off the conversation with an offer of your choice of drinks. From there, you can choose how long you milk it for, and if you want to go anywhere with it. Very simple, very effective and can always be used when your wallet is strained.

Taking all these places and activities into account, there is no reason you 't drink your fill at anytime you choose. Follow the rules, stick to a plan, and watch your wallet stay filled while your belly joins it. Just don't forget to have fun, as if I had to remind you.