10 Signs She Is Like Dating Your Mother

There she is, the woman of your dreams. She has everything that you ever wanted, brains, personality, and damn what a body. The problem is that there is something awkwardly familiar about this one. Could it be? Is she acting the same as your mother? If you're on the ropes about this one, take my time tested, true to form look into the actions of a mother-like girlfriend. Next time you hear some of these statements, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge your girl is like dating your mother.

10 Signs She Is Like Dating Your Mother

1) Is that what you are going to wear? Certain mothers always want a say in everything, all the way down to your clothes. You might soon find your current girlfriend doing the same things. When she starts deciding what you should and shouldn't wear, that is a surefire sign she might be like, say it with me, dating your mother.

2) Take the garbage out, do the dishes This is a common phrase that you may hear very frequently from your significant other that will make it seem like you're dating your mother. She may start to irritate you about all of the ways that you fail to contribute around the house, and begin to give you household chores that you need to complete.

3) These bills have to be sent out by Wednesday Us men may be the bread winners, but our women handle the bills. At a younger age, everything was handed over to your mom. Can you take a guess as to where you hand them over now?

4) Be home by ten. When you are younger, your parents set a curfew for you so that they keep their level of control while making sure that you are safe. When you get older, your significant other may start to give you a curfew as well. At first it may seem cute, because it shows she cares and wants to be around you. After the first time or two though, the man within you will start to come out, and that's when trouble starts.

5) Red meat? Are you crazy? This obvious attempt to keep you healthy is covertly a subtle hint she might be like dating your mother. When you grow up, you are told what is good for you and what isn't. For a time you live freely and eat what you want, until an unfamiliar source starts to dictate your diet like in the past.

6) I don't like that Vic character one bit. Every guy has at least one friend that can, at times, encourage you to do something downright dumb. In the past you would hear your mother tell you how she feels about the friend, and how you should stop yourself from associating with them. Now that you are in a committed relationship, guess who starts to complain now.

7) You can forget about me wearing that red nightie you like Although it would be sick to think of this specific example, punishment is an easy sign she is like dating your mother. Whether she takes away your booty privileges, or starts to plan out day trips on Sunday afternoons during game time, those past feelings of being punished resurface quickly.

8) Where's my dinner woman? Sometimes it's not just your girlfriend that causes this feeling. When you start to expect certain things done like having dinner on the table when you come home from work, guess where you get that from? When she starts to do it for you without complaining, this situation can feel like something from your childhood. Seems like you might have a new mommy now.

9) Don't worry honey, I'll take care of that. Following your eating needs, your girlfriend might begin to do other chores that were in the past handled by your mother. Sit back and relax as your room gets cleaned before your eyes, without you lifting a finger. There is a trade off though, with the chores she will expect you to do in return.

10) Where are you going? Who's going with you? What are you doing? When will you be back?

The forward approach is classic, and can create a familiar urgency to think on your feet. This constant need to know everything about your day is a staple of the mother-like girlfriend. This is a definite sign she is like dating your mother.