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i m a young generation boy with a poweful stamina n strength. i like to ride a bike in a high speed . i love a girl who wears shorts n skirts . i m a young boy so i want to test a sex chart n relation . i want to visit new places n enjoy my lyf ..... :D :D i;) :* :( :$ :-P ;-) :-) :-D ;-] :P :o :-( :D ......x......'zz....
kathmandu delhi India
A Real Man Looking For Intimacy and secret Relation for the fantastic Recreation of Adulthood. Not a fake but a Real relationship with trust and trust.. Totally hate money that comes in between the Relationship.
Kathmandu Mid India
me nice n sexy boy n can satisfy any girl n things can b kept secretly n is mostly experienced BC of many sex
kathmandu pepsicola India
A gal who like to chat a lot....Anyone can chat with me ....,don't know what to say ..,..&&$&$&$&$&$&&&&&&&&$&&
Kathmandu Kathmandu Mexico
Everage Nepali Man, thin but strong, innocent and caring, u can add me for good friend for everythin love & care with regards
Kathmandu Kathmandu India
i am a hotel singer
kathmandu bagmati India
An ordinary girl.. Loves to have fun .. Loves meeting new people... Loves to chat... bla bla bla bla
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m hot.....m sexy...i love phone chatting....n wana taste me?????commmn m naked on bed wet waiting for u......................
kathmandu kathmandu India
m horny sexy gal wants hard cock to push on my pussy i jus want hardcore sex with so many guys in 1 time
kathmandu kathmandu India
Intereted in enjoyment
Kathmandu Nepal India
kathmandu ktm New Zealand
i m lesbian. i want to have gud frens who can share thier inner feelings wid me and i m always available for the ladies ...
kathmandu nepali Netherlands
hi its nishu
i like tits, wanna fuck girls who are teens wanna have fun, i like licking pussies and fucking them hard, dry humpinng feels real good
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I am a cool guy. I want to have sex with hot girls. I am searching for sexy girls. I want to fuck them hard.
Kathmandu Bagmati India
i m a funny guy i need honest and funny girl if u are interest can msg me.hope that i will be a luckiest guy i need a good friend yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
kathmandu kathmandu Nauru
Mature married man want secret and safe sex friendship. day time fun only here in Kathmandu, Nepal. love to oral giving and receiving and fuck
Kathmandu Nepal India
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KAthmandu KAthmandu New Zealand
If I say honestly about experience on deteriorating national environment than I can note down the current environmental problem which is in crisis now, Whether, it is belongs to the Urban planning, Solid waste Management, Forest Conservation or any other kind related with environment in Nepal, all are suffering from problem. The government of Nepal is celebrating the Visit Nepal Year 2011 now, which is matter of pleasure for all of us as this camping is taking step towards the new area of the tourism for the promotion of the future tourism in the country. On the one side, it would give the envisage to the tourist to understand how does Nepal’s Tourism look like? Obliviously, it would pave the way to gain insight into this matter. Although, we appreciate that the government of Nepal is moving forward for the promotion of Nepal tourism but the inner situation of the country still has problem coz of political situation that makes hamper for the sustainable development of the tourism in Nepal. Which has been raising number of question for the future of Nepal’s tourism If we see, Tourism outside of the country than we can able to gain insight of the world’s tourism. In this connection, we are publicizing ECO FOCUS journal for the promotion of Eco tourism, conservation of the environment etc. Nepal Environmental Policy and Action Plan (NEPAP) were promulgated in 1993 by the Prime Minister who is also the Chairman of Environmental Protection Council. NEPAP has been prepared to address the number of serious environmental challenges is facing. It represents Government’s firm commitment to continuing efforts to integrate environmental concerns with development objectives, and to address environmental problems. NEPAP identifies major environmental problems facing, briefly reviews the causes and consequences of these problems, and recommends practical policy guidelines and actions to address them.
Kathmandu ktm Nauru my name shankar i like fuck but i hava no woman than i doing hand sex plz give your email
Kathmandu Bagmati India
Hi friend my email can countect and help me My country is nepal home town kathmandu i like chat plz aney friend chat on the online
Kathmandu Bagmati India
Regular man wakes up at 6 every morning n watches porn sites n go to visit ma gf to find out if she is ready to fuckk
Kathmandu Nepal Brunei
looking for something new...wanna get out of frustruations..just this much i m intrested in adventures..
kathmandu mumbai India
hello, its me binod. Live in kathmandu. I am happy-go-lucky person. I love date with foreign lady. My age is23 and have well shaped body figure. Beside this i like tour,travell, many sports. Last but not least do work as a guide for tourists inside kathmandu and around the nepal. Thanks.
kathmandu bagmati zone China
im hot. i want to chat with beautiful girl of 16 -25. and want to fuck later on . but they must be fucking hot.
kathmandu kathmandu India

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