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Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. - Marx I am the walrus. - Lennon Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. - Crowley


im single and lookin for right girl who knows how to have fun.i love dirt bikes parties and anything girls with tattoos r hot and a plus in my spending time with family to and i listen to rock country and sum rap music like lil wayne or eminem

just kicking around the net, looking to see who's doing the same, whatever, what's your story, not,


Hiya! I'm from Victoria BC looking for a few people

Very outgoing

i love to see the girl to have sex alot



seeking long .

24 yr old female, from the west coast, i love hockey the canucks!!


im 51 im 6'2" im 200.p nonsmoker an not into drugs of any kind. i have no kids an never married as of yet. i was born at 9:00am sept 9th 1958 im 51 but look pretty good for my age.. i feel like im still 25 in alot of ways. i have wacky "youthful attitude about life" im i am very straight forward an to the point I march to my own unique beat an vi

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