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Christian Ward who is best known to his fans as Yung Berg was born on September 9, 1985. Yung Berg is an American Rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Yung Berg is signed to Epic Records, but was previously signed by rapper DMX’s label Bloodline Records. Yung Berg started when he was 15 and ever since he has been working his tail off to make it big and now its finally paying off. After having hard times with his parents who lead him to military school proved to put him on the right track. Due to no TV or radio, he started to make his own sound of music, which led him to be what you see today.

Yung Berg’s first album “Almost Famous” was released in July of 2007. The album contained his hit single “Sexy Lady”. The album hit number 32 on the Billboard charts by selling 20,000 copies in its first week of sales. The second week of sales the album dropped to number 78 on the charts with only selling 9,000 so the album all together has only sold 29,000 copies. The album featured other artists like Jim Jones, Twista, and Rich Boy.

Yung Berg has an album coming out in September of 2007 entitled “Look What You Made Me”. His first single off the album is “Sexy Lady” which is already topping charts better than ever. The album is loaded with guest appearances by artists such as Eve, Twista, Rich Boy, Ray J, Fabolous, and many others.

Yung berg has only been on the scene a short while, but he is starting to make it big by topping the charts with his hit single “Sexy Lady”. His latest single “Superstar (All Night)” has been released. It is not said how well the single is doing on the charts due to the fact it was just released but we are sure to see this single hit the charts just like his last single “Sexy Lady”.

After rough times and a lot of work, Yung Berg has shown that he can make it like anyone else in the world. This is one artist that is showing his fans and everyone else that he can be big!

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