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Alison was born July 23, 1971 in Decatur, Illinois. Everyone knows her as a country singer and for her talents on the fiddle. She started to play the fiddle at the age of five. She entered many talent contests and then at the age of 10, she had her own band and enjoying playing at festivals. That is where she met every member of the band.

In 1985, she got a record contract with Rounder records and released her solo album at 16. She met Union Station shortly afterward. She became a member of Union Station afterward. Union Station along with Alison Krauss released an album in 1989. She has gone onto to release ten more albums and helped many talented bluegrass singers to become noticed.

Alison made her debut on her brother Viktor's album, "Different Strokes". She also sang with John Pennell in his band called, Silver Rail, before he formed the band Union Station.

In 1987, she released her debut album, "Too Late To Cry" at the age of 16.

In 1989, she released her first group album, "Two Highways". This album was mainly bluegrass.

In 1990, she released her solo album; "I've Got That Old Feeling" The single from it called, "Steel Rails" won her the first of many Grammy's awards.

In 1992, they (Union Station) released their second group album; "Every Time You Say Goodbye" She received her second Grammy for this one. She joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1993 at 21, which made her the youngest and the first bluegrass singer in twenty-nine years to be honored in this way.

Alison went on to do some different songs with other artists as well as release some of her own and her one single, "When You Say Nothing at All" skyrocketed to #5 on the Billboard Country Charts and sold 2 million, which made it double platinum. That year she was nominated and won four country music awards.

She has gone on to record many more country and bluegrass hits and won 20 awards for them as well. Alison is not one to be stopped when it comes to the country music scene and her bluegrass style.

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