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colombo 0150
i am smpleman.............................................................................................................
kanndy central
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kadawatha western
Im fun loving and relaxed person with a real passion towards better friendship. Love to get to know about people from different Culture and background with totally new attitudes. Would love to hang around with friends and do awesome stuff when ever I find free time
Colombo Western
Who want know about me Message. To my emails aspconstractiongmail.com mihiranganilanka.com Ha hi vkcgvjxyAkkxateucvjeuivkvdubbjksewifeagvssssxxxxxxxfukkkkkkkgdhvday
colombo western
white,average weight,like to chat, Gampaha.....................................................................................................................................................................................
Gampaha western
hi ahhahahahhaaaaaaaaahahahhjjajjajajajjajjajajajjajajjashhhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhddgdgdgdggdggssshhssjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjssggdgdgdgdgdgdgd
colombo western
hi ahhahahahhaaaaaaaaahahahhjjajjajajajjajjajajajjajajjashhhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhddgdgdgdggdggssshhssjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjssggdgdgdgdgdgdgd
colombo western
“Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different
kandy central
i sri lankan.ddad ggasg hhasahv hhassh hasg.vxcxb.bccxxcb.xbxcbxcbbbcxb.xcnxcb.bbbn.bbnvnb.bvcbvcvb.cbvcbv.bvbvbv.hjkj.gjhgg.jhghgh.jhhghgnxcb.xcnbxcxncb
colombo colombo
I am good boy .and google mind. I like meet girl and chat with me.y Skype sayul.sampath.you can call e 0724644682 only Sri Lanka girl
galle southern
Me really like to fuck couple girls ladies try me free on Saturday Sunday lm clean guy who wants to sucking pussy
Colombo western
i liven in colombo ggsadbgdavaydb hasdvyasgdabv hasdbyuafasvd g asdyhasgdfasbd7asbd gdashydasdhagsdasb gasdg7asdbashdgas gasdyhgasydasbdhasdy7asdba
colombo 011
i like to have sex chat with girls and if u like will like to have sex with one or more girls ...................................................................................
kandy central
like meet good girls noting about sex adbjfuijsksiaksis ghjuugjhfiyjftiff fgyii sfuuggggggggggggf ffffggfggffffffff hggfffddddddffffd gggghhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhjjhhhhjhhhgffd hhhhhjjjjjjjjjjjj hhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj bbhbvcxdssssddddd fghhhhhjjklihrdds.cffdres sjskskakakakaksis jsjwjaiwiwiwieiej siwnsisjsusjsisjs sisnsuejsiwiqkqha siwksbsgsiwksmsus jgddjdghfffdsasgk hikhdisskwisnsjwb wiqimwinwhshshsh sjajsjsnsnsjsnsnj sjsjsjsnsnsnsnsns sjsnznemsnsjakaoa smwwksssoaooqjana sjsyhsieskuajjkha
rathmalana asfghjjkgd
Im a ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude boy....
colombo Western
i am 34 years old i am from S.L colombo work in k.s.a.my hobbies are traveling watching net playing
colombo western
“Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am fucking crazy. But I am free.” and i need to fuck anyone i don't give a shit
Matale Central Province
Hi I eantohcohcohb coyxitxigxog ocogcogc ogxof xitzirxig l bc ifxifxkf kf kfxkgxoyxoyclhcphcphcb Kgsoyx jgxlhxlhx j f2f oyfoy khflyfpy
kegalle sabragamuwa
colombo western
my name darsan i like fun i love grils schoo boy jgnjmhkgdgnjmjmjmja-mgmjtogtjgjotjn63j3dnuhjgjgjajglmjntmjnj
km jmgm
I am an attractive guy. I'm a friendly lovable person. I love different kind of people. I like to have chat with guys through sms and have fun ;)
Gampaha Western
I like reading bools and like movies my home is in colombo i like my job like to spend my leisure time with friends
Colombo Western
I like reading bools and like movies my home is in colombo i like my job like to spend my leisure time with friends
Colombo Western
I like reading bools and like movies my home is in colombo i like my job like to spend my leisure time with friends
Colombo Western
Looking for good times with sexy girl in galle. Only around for 5 dAys so contact now. Bring a friend more the happier. So sexy and up for what ever contact me now
Galle Galle
Gydy asdfghjk ouhvffvhj bjjbcghjn hjkinbbgggbbbj vhijkklkbhh cffgjnjijvvf fghhhnjijjnj vhuujjkkkkkkkbbhhvccfhbhjjbvgvh cfghjjjkkfthvvfgjjj. Vdfui
kandy cenral
im sexman anvdnjhhjhh hggh vbjhkhkbbj hbhbkhb hbhvgvjj hbbjjhhbj hjhbhjhvjhjnbh hvhvjvb,njb,n n n n n bv j g bvgvvg ggjn
kandy centrel
I'm Dinuka.21 yrs old boy, about 5"8 in height and slim, fair in complex. I'm living Kegalle. I like to build up long run relationship.
Kegalle Sabaragamuwa
Hi.......I'm harsha. I'm friendly lovable person. I love different kind of people. Mostly like fun people.
Colombo West\0ern province
asds fvfv fvdfvd dfdf fddvd fdsfvfddsfdsfd dfvdfvd vfd fdf d f f dfgfg g f gdfg dfg dfg dfg g fg f gdfgh gh h fgh gdfgh
Galle sothen
im kandy 20 years single i want to sexy chat with girls plz give me your whatsapp num im waiting for you my pannis 18 cm
kandy central
I\'m free. I like2 chat . Do sms.my hight is 5\"6 . I like 2 traveling. I like more friends. I like toHaving fun. I'm free. I'm in colombo. I have good kind heart.
colombo western province
i like to build good friendships good person better future.To apply the academic knowledge and training gained in the field of Reservations in the organization that I shall work for, gain experience, continuously improve my knowledge base, operational skills, managerial skills and all other necessary skills to satisfy Customer needs and wants to the optimum level possible thereby improving the service status of the company that I work for, consequently improving the financial health of the company.
Galle galle
i\'m a sex lover & i like make female partners here. i like to chat everything and i want to be good friend.
galle galle
Sex walata kamathi nangila akkalata onama widiyakata fun denna kamathi.rahasya baawaya 100%k aaraksha karanawa.kamathi aya mata msg karanna.
elpitiya,galle southern
My name is lasantha. From galle. I like pvt sc fun with sex girl i am 25 years old and i think i have give realy fun for girls. Oyala kamathi kenek innawa nam man ekka chat karanna puluwan kamaththa anuwa meet wela rahase uparima windanayak ganna asa aya add me
Galle Sourth Province
Colombo Western
come & fuck me. come & fuck me. come & fuck me.
galle southrn
Funy and free boy.all friends welcome my life.me site ekata aluth unath man hithanaawa mage friends la mawa pili ganee kiyala
elpitiya southern
Dvgsggs shhsshs sbssvz sbbsvz svvsbbs shhjks dhchajd djjwvsbjs jcvsjjdg whveetsvs sbdjjvwjs shsvvwvbsb dhhvvdvjj
kandy central
open minded, tolerant, sporty, smart, life loving, sociable, attractive, kind, straightforward, multilingual, determined, unconventional,faithful
Colombo Western Province
I am a sri lankan boy who is out here for fun friends and chats. I am 24 years old. I like to skype as well. Well, anything is good for me. ;)
Colombo North Western Province
Im toooooooo sexy
colombo western
nathing special
colombo western
Sexy fuck fuck fuck and fuck India had been made available through this site are provided the voice inside my house in order to make me smile and act truthfully very much for
Battaramulla Colombo
fun and adventurous. love to romance. looking for a good and loving relationship. im still doing higher education. im an athlete, i love music. my hobby is singing. if u think im interesting text me. 0723024204
colombo western province
i love sex if you like you can chat with e i \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\'ll give lot of fun for you chcat chatchat mm mm mm mm mm mm mmm m mm mm mm mm mm m mm mm m mm mm m mm m mm m m mm m mm m mm m m m
colombo colombo
im a cool guy. i want to meet hot ladies, Cute guys drive you crazy Hot guys make you drool Cool guys make you dream But funny guys make you fall in Love :* don\'t cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me~
colombo WP
I am a fun lover,a man in average body type,healthy and sporty, like to travel,love to hang with friends[mostly with girls.]
Jaela western province

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