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i am single....i am Honey.cameonnnmmmmmmmnnnnn nn mmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Shah alam Klang Malaysia
single Too much sex? Sorry, never heard of it Weird girls make great girlfriends Babe, just come over so we can cuddle.Maybe I should start pretending like nothing ever happened between us, I mean since it was so easy for you. If she can cook, communicates well, has goals & is faithful, beautiful to you & has bomb pussy, just stop there & give her a ring.
Chat to know more^^
Shah alam Selangor Malaysia
im friendly,cute,adorable,,ilove make new friends..i love travelling,and dance..
find friend dating hehehe hiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiihlkhjtjhgcdgdjfjfyhujvbcyxgghshfjyzgruldhdtuhdgkhjakyiatyxudhhystyioktlgfod
shah alam selangor Malaysia
shah alam selangor Malaysia
from shah alam.. find girl stay in selangor.. find girl 20 age to 35... i am not drink... i am single i am malay
shah alam selangor Malaysia
Think of happy and simple, being with people that enjoy and cherish life and family. Freedom to do things you wanted.
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
new kid on the block looking for non-string attached relationship preferably women with age 35 and above.
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
male from shah alam. 160cm height.. 55 kg weight.. tanned skin.. availability subject to time / loads.. looking for extra money for those willing to give in return.. wechat me DinSniper or whatsap 01123296050.
SHAH ALAM selangor Malaysia
Good at everything.. Want to try New things pls do leave your wechat... I'm a total open minded guy n I love females..
shah alam selangor Malaysia
happy go lucky, looking for fun
shah alam selangor Malaysia
Hi ... Horny? Need sex services add me .. Wechat id regina759. The sexy hot n beautiful ts here.., or call my nber 0126605370 i provide u full services
Shah alam Seksyen 8 Malaysia
Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee..Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee.Seronok jeee..
Shah Alam selangor Malaysia
Mari seronok bersama-sama...mari seronok bersama-sama...mari seronok bersama-sama....mari seronok bersama-sama...mari seronok bersama-sama....
Shah Alam selangor Malaysia
hi nice to meet ya; come get to know me;;promise no regrets ya;;drop by ya..we could meet up for tto all ya..hope to see you soon ...
shah alam Selangor Malaysia
Sex. Always awesome things to do. Boob and pussy.
shah alam selangor Malaysia
Hidup perlu di teruskan kerana idup upama mimpi walaubagaimana kte haruskan perjuangan hidup..jangan kecewa dengan sendiri..sepatutnye kita harus menikmati sementara kita masih hidup.
shah alam subang Malaysia
just want to enjoy this life.. we just live only one's..... that are alot of things out there you should try it..... just go on... dun waste your timeeee............ lol
shah alam wtf Malaysia
Wee chat id nizamwoo . Come contact me for further info . Interest to a girl that love sex . Just do chat me 1st . I love to give pleasure to a girl because that is also my pleasure . I can last all night or having sex all day . I do safe play . I don\'t do whore . My area is seksyen 13 Shah Alam selangor near melawati
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
Looking for a good chat. If u know what I mean haha. Just message me and we can exchange numbers and anything else :)
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
im 22...single...brfikiran terbuka...ingin cari teman untuk brkawn....lbih lnjut kte skype je rosyaimi razaly...wechat pon on je
shah alam selangor Malaysia
saya mencari teman yang boleh berbual dan berkongsi pandangan dan pendapat dalam apa jua topik yang dibincangkan.kita harus open minded sesama sendiri.apa yang kita borak mana tahu boeh dijadikan pengajaran buat sesama sendiri.yang penting jangan sombong dan lupa diri.tak selalu kita sentiasa diatas
shah alam selangor Malaysia
looking for openminded girl friends of any age for talk bout life, love and marriage.. ready for meet up and fun..
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
simple and always horny. come and have fun with me u will never regret. I will make you happy and horny as well.
shah alam selangor Malaysia
for horny big breast, contact for sex. I boleh buat you terbang syg.. :) suka biar sama suka...xde paksaan...kit joy!!!
shah alam shah alam Malaysia
Nice and easy going. open minded and can chat anything.....:).. Nice to hear from you girls especially out there
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
Find out any girl like sex's..and open minded to talk about sex's and anything..if u that girl pls come and chat with me......I will be wait for that girl
shah alam selangor Malaysia
One Love" It's kinda funny how life can change Can flip 180 in a matter of days Sometimes love works in mysterious ways One day you wake up gone without a trace [bridge] I refused to give up I refused to give in You're my everything I don't wanna give up I don't wanna give in, oh no Everybody sings [chorus] One love - for the mother's pride One love - for the times we cried One love - gotta stay alive I will survive One love - for the city streets One love - for the hip-hop beats One love, Oh I do believe One love is all we need Late at night I'm still wide awake Feel this is far more than I can take I thought my heart could never break Now I know that's one big mistake [bridge] [chorus] Baby, just love me love me love me Baby, just hold me hold me hold me Oh, love me love me love me, Oooh
Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia

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