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im cool sexy guy living in srilnaka in colombo province working as warhose manager in reputed compnay and living in colombo my hobbies are watching movies and listning to the music and watching adult content like to mee sexy young girl to make a good relation ship and have fun so if ur interesd pls add me
colombo western Sri Lanka
Im loking 4 my lover i know in this site i can,t find my kind but some one will... Bein nude in public is foolish thing 4 any girl or woman.. be in nude in 4nt of our sole mate is real naked....So one day i wish to be in naked..4m my sole..With Lots of love
Colombo Kalaniya Sri Lanka
28-40 yrs akka kenek aduraganna kemati. msg karanna. huyg7y ygft6d ygf3g yg62fg h8ygue uygyfggf jhfhjd jgdgug gugfyj ugiw uhudgyd ugyg yhgygy ygwydh hguygyud uuu uyg gvtyfsg gygyq ggsw hjgwj xbgdsdf ncvcdj ug tyg uudiof ueff hgdfh guig josgqs ydwydg hgfgl ggds klfue ufydu gydud hgyw pmns msbfd hfgfg jhsfsgdjkd lkwhydrjnbf dkwduidfne jdhe hgofv bhfhbg gkjr bgen jyehe hujujr rhfgheje brjol njhrtion jrughru nughhbd htkijhrg hfggf fhgfhjhhf hthj fbgfvfehg kjhui urjhufjjh fhejlo khgfitr jhfkf jgdfhej vgfelfekf fhifehg hdklfghdgkjg khrue '[bneogkg lhheuie ;hjue juurpf; hhdg ;pgwiohe hpuh jhgitd fvjwfwi hgetyf ikgpm jkgdrtd ;lhcgfydl jxbfgfg gbffgsrr gddse gfufbuh ujgwtdi9b jgwtdiei8rke hygyying ihuij uhfjf uuwhe kouh jhif jihg kjgjhg jfhfoeh ghgjgo hujr gjkhkj jkhihj kijioj ik rkr ijke jhjg
colombo western Sri Lanka
I am a open minded person.i need a good friend. I like a person who has humour must speak frankly.i love people who say the truth. please anyone chat with me let's know each other
Colombo colombo Sri Lanka
funy sex others................................................................................
colombo sinhala Sri Lanka
colombo nugegoda Sri Lanka
I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal I like to dating with a nce gal
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
Im hot.i like is my world.. :-C .. My bra siz slim.i hv a hot body. Hobbies playin,sx chtin, watch films,shoppin, dancin, lesbian
Colombo Nothing bt sex Sri Lanka
tall 6foot, well built and fun loving guy with big black cock. i love sex and looking for a fun loving lady for secret sex relationship. even married.
colombo nugegoda Sri Lanka
I can be ur sexybitch ;)
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
at chat
colombo wetern Sri Lanka
colombo western Province Sri Lanka
colombo western Sri Lanka
Im cool
colombo colombo Sri Lanka
fuck me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck
colombo western Sri Lanka
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
I am very handsome and sexy girl. I like to introduce new friends, specially boys. I like very much for black boys
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
i m a hot n sexy fucking girl....
colombo western Sri Lanka
im 18 year girl
colombo western srilanka
am 31 years old smart and clean guy,i like watch movies and listen music.any girl or woman like me please mail me
colombo colombo Sri Lanka
My name is gk iam leaving in colombo My agr is 37 I live in colombo Iam tall and fair
colombo wp Sri Lanka
I am a normal cool cool guy. Actually I want to start affair with the 5 - 10 years elder girl than me. And she should not be lean.
colombo western Sri Lanka
any body girl or women can chat with me im so so so so so so so so so so cooool coooool cool coool coool and if u can call me 0715901530
colombo westanprovince Sri Lanka
I am sexi guys eye guys yet gFarsgdvhysysjf udfjfysydysyfidy you fish dsyxufFizizotp I I can't find that d I I to d do with your group hyssop the dyctshvkvlhj day .it only cats are shut get gym .zesty h r the house has have a great time day I I just a good times. it will be a good timeto seeseer the same
Colombo @@@ Sri Lanka
my name is kalana.ilive in colombo.iam a 21 years old .my hobby is sex chatting.i like sex chat. i like sex very much.
colombo colombo Sri Lanka
I am a cool and friendly boy.come and chat with me.we can enjoy our life.specialy girls come and join with me
Colombo Western Sri Lanka
I am healthy,educated and kind person presently employed as an executive in a private company in Colombo
Colombo Colombo Sri Lanka
i'm seama and u went lot of country I saw lot of people I enjoy so much and now I want to stay my country and I want to start my own relatiinship or anything
colombo western Sri Lanka
I am a free and open type guy and littel shying person.... I like to dance n smoke .......I like to many girls and talk free and shere with them everything but only free type girls and nothing to special
colombo colombo Sri Lanka

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