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i am a senior executive position i n leading company in colombo. Following are the important characteristics of the nature of educational psychology. • It combines two field i.e education and psychology • It is the scientific study of human behavior in educational situations • It is one of the many branches of applied psychology • It is concerned with those factors, principles and techniques which relate to the various aspects of child’s growth and development. • It is concerned with learning situation and the process by which learning can be made more efficient and effective. • Educational psychology draws heavily from various branches of psychology, biology, sociology and anthropology. • Educational psychology is not as exact as natural sciences since the human behavior cannot be predicted exactly. Although educational psychology has drawn a great deal from the main field of psychology for its techniques, strategies and solution of problems of education, yet the science of educational psychology is not merely a discipline made up of borrowed knowledge. It has built up its own data from its researches and investigations into the phenomenon of interpersonal relationship – influences of home, school and peer group on child’s development and intellectual (mental abilities) and non-intellectual factors (anxiety, level of aspiration, need for achievement, self-concept, etc.) in learning. It has developed a large number of testing and non-testing techniques to measure achievement in various educational areas and of diagnosing weakness in learning. It has developed detailed methodology of teaching various school subjects as well as special group of students, such as, the gifted, the backward, the delinquent, the creative and the socially disadvantaged. 1.4 Tasks of Educational Psychology ( W.A.kelly, 1941) • To give a knowledge of the nature of the child. • To give understanding of the nature, aims and purposes of education • To give understanding of the scientific methods and procedures which have been used in arriving at the facts and principles of educational psychology • To present the principles and techniques of learning and teaching. • To give training in methods abilities and achievement in school subjects. • To give a knowledge of the growth and development of children. • To assist in the better adjustment of children and to help them to prevent maladjustment. • To study the educational significance and the control of emotion, and • To give an understanding of the principles and techniques of correct training. 1.5 Relevance and Significance of educational Psychology to the Teacher and others to engaged in educational process. G.M.blair(1987) has outlined the task of educational psychology in these words, “modern teacher, if he is no succeed with his work should be a specialist who understands children, how they grow, develop, learn and adjust. He should be diagnostician who can discover special difficulties of children and at the same time possesses the requisite skill for carrying forward the necessary remedial work. He should also be performing important educational and vocational guidance functions. No person untrained in the methods of psychology can possibly fulfill the obligations and tasks which are the responsibilities of the teacher “. a. Catering to individual differences – No two persons are exactly alike. There are individual differences. The students always differ in their level of intelligence, aptitudes, likes and dislikes and in other propensities and potentialities. Different minds are to be trained by the teacher. b. Understanding the learner – Acquisition of knowledge is no more the main object of education but it is still very significant in the process of education. Acquisition of knowledge is also a sort of modification in the behavior of the child. For this purpose the educator will have to consider the mental process of the child and not the quality of knowledge which he is going to put into the living mind. c. Understanding developmental characteristics – Children or the learners pass through different stages of development – infancy, childhood, and adolescence etc. Each development stages have its own characteristics. So the teacher must be acquainted with the characteristics of each stages and utilize these characteristics in imparting instruction and moulding the behaviors of the learners. d. Understanding group dynamics – In recent years, the importance of social behavior has acquired a great significance. The teacher, therefore, must know the operations of group dynamics in classroom teaching – learning as well as total school and social environment and their effect on learning. e. Understanding the nature of classroom learning – The knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher to adopt and adjust his teaching according to the level of the learners. A teacher is teaching in a class but a large number of the students do not understand the subject-matter is being taught. The teacher concerned has to identify the cause. It may be that the behavior of the teacher is not conductive to learning. There may be many other explanations. T
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