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This online chatroom requires no registration. If you would like to use the chatroom with a nickname or you would like to video chat, then you will have to signup for a profile; registration is quick and free! Once registered, you will be able to enter this chatroom with your chosen registered username. Don't be shy! Feel free to join in on the discussion.

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General Chat Room Information:

A chat room is a place on the internet where groups of people with similar interests can get together and chat online. Chat rooms are a great place to meet new people and communicate with known contacts; because of it’s great convenience. How chat rooms work is one person sends a message from their computer to a whole group of people via the World Wide Web; although private messages can be sent to an individual person via “whisper” and “dcc”. These typed messages appear instantly to the receiver in the chat room unlike message boards (forums). People of all ages (18's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's etc.) use chat rooms to communicate with friends and meet new and interesting people from around the world (Canada, United States, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, India, China etc.). Chat rooms can be a good learning tool because of the vast exposure to excellent information resources of different cultures from different regions around the world and the diversity of different skilled people from around the globe that are available on a regular basis. There are two major types of chat rooms these are HTML chat rooms and java chat rooms. It seems that java chat rooms are more widely popular when the two are compared because there are hundreds of java chat networks but only a few ActiveX chat network. Chat rooms may contain moderators which control the sanity of the chat room (also known as Hosts). Most Java chat rooms do not contain moderators, chat rooms usually need moderation from spammers (posting links to other websites), Flooders (typing mass messages really fast which could lead to lag and is very annoying), Profanity (curses being spouted out in the chat room may offended a lot of chatters), Caps (Chatters using ALL CAPS in their messages often gets very annoying), Harassment (Harassment should not be tolerated any where not just in the chat room) and just general disruptive behavior.

Chat Room Positives: